Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Boys Alive Virtual Conference!!

Virtual Conference from July 12-28th!!!

It is not too late to sign up and it is FREE!!!  If you sign up right now you can hear the first speaker from Tuesday, Michael Gurian (it is up until 4pm EST on Wednesday).  Kiva Leatherman is now teamed up with Janet Allison (who was a speaker last conference) from Boys Alive.  I have her book (still haven't touched it though...) and I am excited to learn strategies and tips to help Z (and Lil' C) grow up to be a strong and caring person.

Here is a bit from the website:

Boys Alive! isn't just for boys! The insights and wisdom you'll hear apply to both sons and daughters...and besides, you'll definitely want to know what's happening with the boys and men your girls will ultimately date, work with, and marry!

So check out this FREE conference :)  I love to listen to the podcasts in the evening while doing chores or just relaxing.  The last conference was life changing and I am sure this one will be as well!


Connie Weiss said...

This sounds really interesting. Thanks for the heads up!

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