Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Z and C how does your garden grow??

With a whole lot of luck :) 

You see S may have grown up on a farm but when it comes to gardening, he claims he does not know what he is doing.  This is our third attempt year gardening and thus it had to be bigger and better than ever.  I read (well actually skimmed through) All New Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew and this did help us a great deal.  We didn't follow it as closely as we should have but we did make our two gardens into grids, followed the planting instructions and tried to fertilize the soil like he suggested. 

I am happy to say that thanks to the book, we do have a lot growing right now, however I have a much bigger garden than he suggests in the book and next year I will have to account for the fact that I need room to walk in the middle of my garden :)  This year I had to pull out a bunch of things to make a path....oops!
Z's Small Garden (mini pumpkins, peas, carrots, beans and radish)

So what is growing from seed....zucchini, green beans, mini pumpkins, carrots, lettuce (2 kinds), arugula, radish and Z's morning glories

What is growing form plants I herbs and tomatoes in containers

What is sort of growing from seed....peas (we were really late), spinach, corn, swiss chard

What is dying.....sunflowers (Lil' C plucked our seedlings and I bought some plants), tomatoes from seed that we planted over the winter

What did not grow.....eggplant and peppers (swiss chard might be able to go here is really little)

Our Challenges.....2 novice gardeners, no time to weed, poor soil, not enough sunlight, a nasty chipmunk named "CHIP" living under the garden (anyone know a guy??), 2 novice gardeners (S blames our location on the globe...says we are too far north to grow anything, then I reminded him of our CSA farm and the folks in Canada ;)).

So what's in your garden?? ;)


Connie Weiss said...

I am so jealous of your garden! So jealous!

Mom said...

My green thumb is blacker than yours. Good luck! Looking forward to eating some of the fruits of your labor :)

Annie said...

Enjoy your garden, it looks really good.

Lee-Ann said...

It looks great! Awesome job!

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