Saturday, July 2, 2011

Making Memories....

I use to like to participate in {this moment}, a Friday ritual from SouleMama but it was too hard for me to pick just one picture.  So for the summer I am going to start my own thing called, "Making Memories....".  At the end of the week I will post some of my favorite pictures of our week.  These pictures are of my nephew's first birthday and our adventure to the aquarium.  Both were soooo much fun!  Z was like a walking Naturalist at the Aquarium.  He was telling us all sorts of facts about the fish we saw (including the fact that jelly fish are cnidarians), strangers were very impressed :)


Annie said...

All the pictures are wonderful. Now, I understand why is hard to pick just one.

Have a fun day.

Lee-Ann said...

Great pictures! That is great about Z knowing that, amazing! :)

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