Monday, July 25, 2011

Our Week In Pictures

The Raising Z and Lil' C house has just been crazy lately.  We took a mini vacation to Maine last weekend, celebrated my birthday last Tuesday and Wednesday, S and I spent a night in the city on Thursday to celebrate our anniversary this upcoming weekend and we held the first fundraising event for my sister in-law's non-profit organization this weekend.  CRAZY!  That combined with the heatwave (it was over 100 last week), there was no time or energy left to blog. 

Today I am trying to clean up from all that so all you are getting is some photos from our trip to Maine :)

It was an amazing mini vacation and great family time that was so needed.  Z had a fever when we left (he caught Lil' C's bug) but was in good spirits so we decided to go :)  He had a ball and I am so glad we did go.  Here are some photos of our two days in paradise :)

Cape Elizabeth
Touching wet sand!!!  Big Deal:)
beach combing

tide pooling

Portland Maine
Watching the Boats

Our favorite lobster retaurant

Lobstah Roll :)


Annie said...

Beautiful place!!!

Connie Weiss said...

It is my DREAM to do to Maine. Someday....

Happy Anniversary!

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