Thursday, July 28, 2011

Time to Slow Down

It is really funny to me how your body knows when it has had enough.  It is at these times when you usually get sick or injured.  For me it was the latter, my back went out.  This seems to happen once a year and by now you would think that I would be prepared for such times.

It happened in the shower on Monday afternoon after working out.  I had been experiencing back pain for about of week but wasn't really listening to my body.  I still lifted weights, moved air-conditioners, stood on my feet all day in my flip flops, made beds and all of the other things that I probably should have avoided while feeling some pain.

For the last three days I have been laying on the couch with either ice or heat on my back.  I can move around slowly but it is difficult for me to lift things (Lil' C ;() My children have been great and have been very good about playing on their own.  Z has been super helpful and Lil' C, although still very clingy, has realized that her tantrums go nowhere so she might as well just play :)  It has been fun to watch the creative play that they have been forced into due to their boredom.  Z's dinosaurs gave a rock concert, Lightning and Mater rode the dinosaur train and he even had a battle of carnivores vs. herbivores.  We have read lots of books, played board games and snuggled on the couch during an episode of Curious George (they are going to need TV detox after this week). 

It takes a village to raise kids especially when the mama bird is laying on the couch :)  S has been struggling with balancing his busy schedule and a wife who is having a hard time functioning.  He tries to keep the kitchen clean and was able to come home early one night and go in late one day.  He has been super helpful but I can see the guilt on his face that he can't do more.  My friends have all pitched in to help (trips to grocery store, a delivery I had to make and bringing me meds) and my family wishes they could do more but they are all super busy with their own stuff right now.  Timing with these things is never good. 

I am hoping one more day of rest, my medication and a good nights sleep will help me to be up and around tomorrow.  I plan to take it easy this weekend and who knows, maybe I will be working out again by Monday :)  I just can't wait to get things back in order!


Connie Weiss said...

Oh No Mama! I hope you feel better fast!

Annie said...

Hope you feel better soon!!!!


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