Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cars 2--Waiting for DVD :(

So after a lot of discussion between S, Z and myself...we have decided to wait to see Cars 2 until it comes out on DVD.  I am having flashbacks of last summer and Toy Story 3, we still haven't seen that movie (I think Z said he wanted to wait until he was 33!!)  Why Disney, why must you make movies that are so scary for children???  The first Cars was a sweet and wonderful story with very little intensity.  It was Z's first Disney movie and one of 3 that he will watch (Nemo and Wall-E are the others).  Now you take these sweet characters and put them in a James Bond suspense, complete with lots of violence and deaths?!?!?!   Why??

I had been working hard to prepare Z for this movie and it's intense storyline.  We have seen dozens of trailers, have read 3 books and have talked at length about the fact that in the end Lightning and Mater would be okay.  After a conversation with my friend Sey the other day, I remembered the one thing that would probably drive us from the movie theater....the VOLUME.  I had feared the music, Z has a fear of intense music but I had completely forgotten about how loud it is at the movies.

Usually we go and see Kidtoon films where we are the only family and they are able to turn down the volume for us when we ask.  Cars 2 is not a movie that can be "turned down" and this is what I spoke with Z about.   He said that if they couldn't turn down the sound, then he did not want to go.  He was a little sad but okay with waiting until fall (or maybe until he is 6 according to the reviews???) to see this movie he has been all talk about for weeks.  I feel so bad about it but after reading the reviews, I know it is the right decision.  I want to see the film first and then decide if he will see it.   He is a child with major night terrors and if he is going to watch this movie I want it to be in the comfort of our own home.    There are a lot of critics upset with the G rating and feel it should have been PG along with the Incredibles and Up.  So sorry Lightning, this summer we will only be seeing you in the Original Cars movie :(


Connie Weiss said...

I'm glad that we've waited to see it too. I hate they even Disney movies are trying to grow our kids up too fast!

We're going to wait as well.

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