Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mommy Time

Once again I hired a mother's helper for one morning a week for the summer.  It was my intention to use this time to garden, clean, mow the lawn....get stuff done.  Lil' C had other ideas in mind and would not stop crying for me if I was in or around the house.  For this reason, my plans had to shift.

I have now been driven from my house for the 3 hours and forced to spend some time by myself, doing whatever I want.  I have to admit it is difficult to leave the mountain of housework and gardening behind but so nice to have some ME time :) Over the last few weeks I have spent this time getting a massage with my best friend La, spent lots of time in a coffee shop checking emails, blogging and reading, went to an appointment at Z's new school and have done some shopping :)  It is heaven to have this time to myself and it is all thanks to Lil' C :)

I will have to remember this fabulous gift she has given me when she is a teenager and driving me CRAZY ;)


Mom said...

And she will drive you crazy! She is a "chip off the old block":)

Glad you are getting some much needed "Me Time". You deserve it. Especially special because you didn't plan it.

Connie Weiss said...

That is a good girl you have there!!

I need a mother's helper....

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