Monday, October 3, 2011

Gazillion Bubbles-A Birthday Adventure

 This weekend Mimi and Grandpa J treated the four of us, for our birthdays, to see Gazillion Bubbles at the Providence Performing Arts Center.  What a show!  The kids (and adults) were completely mesmerized as Fan Yang created the most amazing bubbles.  The finale of the show (as well as the Intermission entertainment) were the favorites of the Raising Z household but the entire show was wonderful.  It was the perfect gift for our clan, memories that will last a life time!  It was Lil C's first theater experience and she did great.  In the beginning she really wanted to go up on stage and pop Fan's bubbles but once she understood she had to just watch, she sat pretty still.  She did hop laps (which we all enjoyed) and her eyes were glued to the stage and all that went on up there.  Bubbles are an amazing thing....simple, beautiful, innocent and filled with magic.  Thanks Mimi and Grandpa for an absolutely wonderful day!

A few pictures of our adventure.  There were no cameras allowed but I did sneak a few shots of my kids inside with the flash off :)


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