Monday, December 12, 2011

Chores for Charity

During the month of November, Z's school asked each child to do chores around the house to earn money to go and buy canned goods for the food pantry.  Z took this job very seriously and worked hard to earn money and felt a lot of pride as he went to the grocery store to pick out the food to donate.

This school project inspired me to continue it into December but this time I thought it might be nice for Z to pick a charity to work towards.  I gave him three choices....a charity to help people have clean water, a charity that would give a needy family a farm animal to help nourish them or a charity to help families build a house.  He chose to earn money to help buy a family an animal and is currently working toward a share of a cow (his choice).  This picture was taken a while ago and he is currently up to $11.  He has a ways to go until he gets to his $50 goal but Christmas is not the deadline for us.  He will work until he accomplishes his goal and then he will go online to make his donation to Heifer International.

I hope that this project will be the kick off of to the new piggy bank system that I want to start with him.  I want him to start placing his money into three, spend and share.  Right now all his money just sits in his piggy bank until something he REALLY wants comes up and then he spends it all :)  We will take it all one step at a time, after all he is only five.


Annie said...

Wonderful idea.

PS: So glad you received your card.

Have a great week.

Lee-Ann said...

That is an amazing idea! I should totally do that for my kids!

Connie said...

Such a great idea!

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