Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bird is the Word!!!

Bird fever has struck our household and we can't get enough of our fine feathered friends.  With the Eagle Cam on most of the day.....all talk is of the "avian variety" ;)  Z and his little buddy SEVEN  were playing eagle/falcon when he was over the other day (SEVEN's family has also gone crazy for birds) and now Z is acting out his own Peregrine Falcon Webcam where he is the papa himself ;)  He built a nest, takes turns sitting on the babies and feeds them as well.  Too funny!
Papa Falcon about to take flight
Z's Easter basket (and Lil' C's for that matter) will be filled with stuff for bird watching.  They are getting field guides and Z is getting his own adult binoculars :)  He loves bird watching in our yard and is looking forward to our bird watching trip next week at the Audubon Society.  We have even started our own bird book that is keeping track of the different species we have spotted so far this year.
 My favorite thing we have done is the interactive window display of a peregrine falcon nest.  I created all of the eggs that open on a hinge and Z and C worked on the birds.  Z wanted the birds to be able to move around so I made little pockets in the eggs and in the nest so that the whole display is interactive!  It is great.
 Below you will find a clip from Scott and my favorite Family Guy episode.  The kids love this clip as well but we only show them up until the part when Stewy goes to shoot himself in the head (near the very end ;)).  Happy Birding!



Connie Weiss said...

That video is funny!!

We are all about Meteor Craters right now. Can't get enough of them. :)

Lee-Ann said...

That is great! I love how you are so interactive with your little ones, you are such a great Mama!

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