Friday, April 20, 2012

Earth Week Goals for 2012

Well I just reviewed last years Earth Week Goals and I have to say that 3 out of 5 isn't too bad :)  I am now making detergent out of soap nuts (LOVE it!!), try to reuse as much as I can and have made a huge effort to not buy things in plastic.  As for composting and the clothesline...well I bought the stuff for a clothesline but couldn't figure out where to put it and used the rope in the garden instead and I composted for about 2 months and gave it up again :(

So here are my new goals for 2012....

1.  Start the Compost Again

We will start it up for the third time and hopefully continue.  My in-laws are so dedicated when it comes to composting....hopefully the third time will be the charm for our family :)

2.  Find a Way to Dry Clothes Outside

I have so many clothes that would benefit from hanging in the sunshine...Natures's Bleach....and so I really need to make this happen.  Having a clothesline will also help me to save energy (money) by not using the dryer and I just love the smell of clothes that have been out in the fresh air.  Perhaps a drying rack???

3.  Potty Train Lil'C
This will not only save money but also be such a huge reduction of waste in our house.  I am hoping that by Earth Day 2013 this goal is accomplished!!!  If not, mama might need therapy ;)

4.  Try to reduce my use of Tin Foil

I don't know about you but I use way too much of this non-renewable resource.  It is time to find ways around using it.  Katie Kimball wrote a really great post about not using plastic wrap HERE and many of the same tricks can be used when it comes to foil too.
5.  Get outside More

I do not get outside enough with my children.  It is time to put my (and my husband's) fear of ticks behind us and explore our own backyard!  It is my goal to spend at least 30 minutes outside....not matter the weather!!!

So there you have it, the five Earth Week Goals for 2012......Do you have any goals for the year??


Annie said...

Sounds like great goals for your family.

We don't have any Earth goals but we need to take more the girls outside. I'm afraid of insects, brave dogs and recently, strange people jumping to the backyard (of course, not good people).

Happy Friday!!

Connie Weiss said...

My husband is always getting after me for not reusing tin foil.

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