Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter with the Birds :)

Due to the stomach flu that is going around, our Easter plans had to be changed.  Instead of a big family moment at Scott's parents house with an egg hunt on their farm.....our plan was to have a quiet and relaxing day at home, just the four of us.   After a very busy Saturday, it was nice to have this downtime scheduled in.  Here are some highlights and cute kid moments of our Easter Celebrations :)

*The dyeing of brown eggs with the natural dyes I had was a BUST.  The person most disappointed by this was Scott....the kids and I still had a great time.  Z said at one point, "the eggs at school were a lot more purple than these" but other than that he didn't care :)
*Caroline cracked one of her eggs while dyeing them and looked down at it and said, "oh the baby duck, hello baby duck, where are you duck?"  She thought the egg was hatching!  Too cute.
 *We had spilled some of the yellow dye on the kitchen floor while dyeing eggs and never noticed it.  The next morning Z found it and said, "I think the Easter Bunny peed on the floor!" 
*After the indoor egg hunt (customary in my state) we Skyped with Scott's parents.  Z shared all the bird stuff he got in his basket (Lil'C got lots of fairy stuff) and Mimi told us about a place where she use to go and see Peregrine falcons.  Within in one hour we ate our big Easter breakfast, were dressed, packed and ready to head out to find the Peregrine falcons!!
love that hair!!!
*We had an amazing, spontaneous adventure to the coast of Massachusetts to look for birds.  We saw Blue Heron, Swans, Egrets, lots of ducks, an osprey, cormorants, Canada geese, a turkey, turkey vultures and we think a Peregrine Falcon (at least that is what we are going with).  It was so nice to be on the beach, near the marshes and hiking around as a family.  The kids LOVED bird watching and can't wait to go again.  Thanks for inspiring us Mimi!
his new official binoculars!!

blue Heron
*A light grilled dinner by Scott topped off the day.  Nobody food coma for us today! It was such a great day and we are looking forward to Easter the Sequel next week with Scott's parents :)
A very serious hunter
look at the crown she got in her basket!  Hand knit by a girl I went to elementary school with!
Osprey nest
Z wouldn't share his binoculars ;)
Z's Basket contents

C's basket....All the books with the exception of two were bought USED!  Love buying used books :)


Connie Weiss said...

If you ever come to CO....our boys can go bird hunting together!

Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

At least some real fun came from us being sick! Got to say... love that "Easter Bunny must have peed remark"!. Very funny! LOVE LOVE LVOE C's crown! K would have wanted one!!! or at the least the pattern for knitting her own. Well, in the end something good did come of that ill fated relationship from the past. As Mr. Rogers use to say, look for the goodness in everything. Hopefully we will have an "all clear" by the weekend. GP Jeff is on the mend but not there yet. Hope we get to see you soon!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you made the best and better of it.
Meanwhile... back at the farm, GpJ was not faring as well.
Indoor Easter hunts are great fun too. Looks like the little ones didn't miss a thing.
Love u guys,
GpJ & Mimi

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