Monday, April 23, 2012

Making Memories.....

Here are some photos from our week, starting last Saturday.  They include Spring Cleaning, another Warm Spring Day, a day at the coast with my friend Sarah and her kids and fun from Mimi's birthday party (we went to a place called the Biomes).  Happy Monday.

He Washed Windows
And helped move 2 yards of Mulch...all thanks to Sparkle Stories!!!

More Water Fun

Mommy's Idea of fun on a nice spring day!
Touch Tank with O and L

Row Row Row Your Boat

Exploring the Rocks

A Sibling Moment on the Beach

Off to dig a hole

Chilly Afternoon...especially chilly after ice cream!

Beach Combing

The Biome's For Mimi's Birthday

Lion Fish found in RI!

Lil'C and Grandpa

Mimi and Z

The Octopus and his pumpkin?!?!?

Playing a birthday song...It was her 1/2 birthday!!!

Mimi's Pinkalicious Cupcake

A Happy Half Birthday Girl!

Mimi was happy to be turning 5 :)  Fun day!


Connie Weiss said...

So much fun!!

That beach looks chilly.

Anonymous said...

It was a Great day, even in the rain.
I think I ate too many cupcakes...
Thanks for the memories.
Love U Guyz,
GpJ & Mimi

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