Thursday, April 12, 2012

We did it!!!

As you may remember for Lent we gave up the following things....

Mommy and Daddy--refined sugar and tried to limit natural sugars like maple syrup and honey
Family--The Microwave

I am proud to say that we did really well!!! 

Candy--Z only had one lollipop during Lent (from the Barber) and this happened to be on a Sunday which is the day you are allowed to "cheat".  He told me he will not be giving up candy again.....we shall see :)

Sugar--Scott and I did really well at home with eliminating sugar and avoided it in sweets when we were out and about.  The only refined sugars we consumed were at restaurants in sauces and breads and at family and friend's houses.  There was some withdrawl symptoms at first but after about a week or two I rarely craved sugar.  On Easter I did have a handful of jellybeans but the plan is to keep on with the plan to reduce sugar :)

facebook--It was hard at first but after awhile I really didn't miss it and was glad to not have the distraction.  I will admit that I did "Like" a few pages on facebook when entering different blog giveaways, I checked out my best friend's pregnancy announcement photo and did go on to do some business for a friend (I run her facebook page) but other than that I was off for the duration.  I have only been on it once since Lent ended and was only on for about 3 minutes.  I really hope to continue to only check it once and awhile and not get sucked back in.

Microwave--For about a week I would go to the spot where it use to be and think, "Oh's gone."  After that time I got over it, got creative and figured out alternative ways to heat things up.  Over all we don't miss it and though it might take me a little longer to heat something up, I am happy to do so to avoid the harmful effects of the microwave.  Another benefit is that I have one less thing to clean!!

So how did you do???


Connie Weiss said...

Great job!

I HATE our microwave.

It's Keith's old microwave from COLLEGE. He graduated in 1985. It's huge and I'm sure it's giving me brain cancer.

I hardly use the damn thing. Keith uses it as a timer when the kids are on the naughty chair.

Mom said...

Proud of you all!

Annie said...


Anonymous said...

Z has his own plan I see.
Keep at it Mom...refined sugar is a major problem for all of us but it's the other chemically concocted variatins of cheap sweetners that are even more of a concerning health hazard.
They're in every commercially prepared food product made for man or beast.
You're doing great!
All this chat has made me hungry...
Now where did I hide the rest of my giant choclate Easter bunny?
Love u guyzz.
GpJ & Mimi

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