Monday, April 16, 2012

Earth Day Already???

 I am in shock that Earth Day is next Sunday, never mind the fact that my baby will be two and a half that day!!  How is it already the middle of April??  Where has this month gone?  Well I guess it is time to pull out the Earth Day books and plan some fun activities for my kids.  Next to Thanksgiving and Christmas, this is my favorite holiday and so it is time to celebrate! 
It is my plan to focus this year on food and gardening with the kids.  I want to talk about the importance of farms, growing our own food, what it means when something is organic and why it is important to support local farmers.  We will get into the garden, do our early planting and attend the farmers market.  
We will also be participating in Screen Free Week again this year.  It is always a challenge but it is my hope that the weather will be good, we will be healthy this year and we will find plenty to keep us busy.  We watch a whole lot less TV this year than last, so I am hoping it should be a piece of cake :)

What are your plans for Earth Day??


Connie Weiss said...

I know! April is flying by!

Anonymous said...

We're getting the gardens ready too.
It's good timing and will order the sunflowers for Kiki's Garden.
With all this early summer weather everything here is greening up two weeks ahead of schedule.
Happy gardening.
Love u guyz!
GpJ & Mimi

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