Friday, May 18, 2012

I'm Going Vegan!

Well for the next 30 days anyway :)  I am enrolled in Heather's (from beauty that moves) 30 Day Vegan Workshop and I am soooo excited.  My best friend Lauren (yes my pregnant best friend) will be going through this experience with me.  She participated in a similar course a few months back and so she is already an amazing resource and support for this journey. 

I have been a fan of Heather's blog for awhile now and have heard such great things about this workshop.  It is coming at a wonderful time for me, a time where I want to focus on getting more plant food into my body as well as get back into my exercise and yoga routine (the past 3 weeks have been cRAzY!!!). 
The vegan experience will be all new to me.  I gave up red meat when I was 16 and have not had much since (some accidental beef briscuit at a wedding that I was told was eggplant I have ever tasted ;)).  I became a vegetarian at age 20 but had to introduce fish back in at 21 (dr's orders)...I was an unhealthy vegetarian with a nut allergy and was severely anemic!  Chicken came back into my life when I was pregnant with Z and has been a small part of my life (2x per week??) since.  So giving up the meat in my life will not be difficult....the dairy and eggs will be the tough ones.  But it is 30 days and I am looking forward to learning some new recipes and trying this lifestyle out for a bit :)

The course is still open, you can even save $5 on the cost by visiting Renee's blog over at FIMBY and checking out the coupon code :)  Renee (another AWESOME blog) has a Vegan kitchen for her and her family.  She will be contributing to the course....I can't wait to learn from her as well.

So here we go....wish us luck!  We start MONDAY!!!


Michelle said...

Best wishes this month! We'll be struggling with the cheese as well. :( I used to have trouble with anemia too, but I've learned to round out my eating and think in terms of nutrition for the week, rather than stressing about each individual meal. Lots of fresh spinach salads . . . works for Popeye! hehe

Connie Weiss said...

Good Luck!

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