Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Our First Family Vacation!!

This past weekend marked two firsts for our was the first time my husband has had a vacation in over 3 years and it was the first time our family of four went away on a mini vacation (3 NIGHTS!!).  Even with our tight budget, I was able to plan a great getaway to Cape Cod.  In the off season, the cape is not at all crowded and so much cheaper than during the warm summer months.  We rented a 2 bedroom condo (with full kitchen) on a nice sandy beach for $130 a night!  The resort we were at had an indoor pool so it was the perfect resort for our little ones. 
 We arrived on Saturday and stayed until Tuesday and in those 4 days packed in a lot of fun and relaxation.  I planned and brought a bunch of easy meals for the room (homemade pizza, homemade frozen waffles, quesadilla's, picnic lunches etc.) so we were able to keep our vacation budget friendly.  We did eat out once a day (one day twice) at family friendly establishments and that was just enough for our antsy little ones :) 
Lil C lounging (and trying to stay out of the wind)
We had 3 gorgeous days of SUNSHINE with rain on the fourth day.  It was windy but gorgeous.  The Cape has some of the most beautiful beaches and we explored many of them, we even saw a whale spouting off shore!!!  We went bird watching, played mini golf, check out the big boats in Hyannis, went to P Town, swam every day, played at the Cape Cod National Sea Shore and on the way home visited Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower in the cold rain (got the full experience of the Pilgrims ;)).   Scott so needed this getaway after spending the last two years working around the clock.  It was nice to see him relaxed, playing and enjoying time with his kids.  We all had the best time and I have to admit I am a bit blue to be home.  We have a few more mini vacations to look forward to in the coming months but it was so nice to have my family all to myself for 4 whole days....a rarity these days and so wonderfully special. 
I will do the photos over two days so I don't overwhelm you ;)  We took almost 500!!! 

Pirate's Cove Golf
Indoor Pool
Monomoy Wildlife Refuge
Osprey Nest
male horseshoe crab (he had passed on)  

Gorgeous Views at Monomoy
Mama's favorite spot at the hotel

Harbor at Hyannis
Scott's "Healthy" Dinner at Spanky's In Hyannis
Sunset with Daddy
Brave Boy!!
30 Seconds of Relaxation :)  Photo taken by Z


Anonymous said...

Great to see you in the picture,Jess.(good shot Zack!)
Proof that you were really there.
Nice photos and great weather.
Glad you had some time together away.
Auntie Amber and grampa played golf at the same mini-course.
Send more photos when you have a chance.
Love you guys,
GpJ & Mimi

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