Friday, May 11, 2012

Making Memories....

This past weekend was our first weekend at the lake.  It was so nice to be back up there again and the weather was GORGEOUS.  The perfect treat after 4 days of rain.  It was a sleepless night for us all (thanks to Lil'C) but worth it in the end :)

Throwing Rocks
Her new Tinkerbell dress which she LOVES...a gift from my sister's mother in-law
playing finger puppets
more rocks ;)
Z's garden fairy that my mom got him for Easter for the lake
Fixing his fairy house from last year and adding to it
A new hammock for the fairies!!
Bird watching....always bird watching :)
First fishing of the season!
Even Lil'C got into the action...still in her jammies ;)
So much fun to fish with the boys!


Lee-Ann said...

Oh those pictures make me miss my Dad's cottage. The kids had a blast there. I'm hoping we can rent a cottage this summer for a week.

Annie said...

Great time as a family!!!

Happy Mother's Day!!!

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