Wednesday, May 9, 2012

No TV Week Review

Last week was the National Screen Free Week.  I was unable to eliminate my use of the computer since I am in the middle of a big project so we decided that this year we would have a TV Free Week instead (and a half a week at that).  Our week began on Wednesday this year because the beginning of the week we were still on vacation. Wednesday morning I brought down all of our books on tape, we went to the library to load up on books and more stories on CD and had my dad over for dinner...the perfect distraction.  The kids did not miss it one bit.  Thursday they enjoyed more books on tape and then an afternoon/dinner playdate so once again TV was not missed.  Friday we were at my sister's house and my BIL did turn on the TV for his kids for 30 minutes and I was not about to make mine go sit in the other room so they did watch 30 minutes that day.  Saturday the TV was on at the lake (Kentucky Derby) but they paid it very little attention and on Sunday we gave in and let them watch it (we had a very sleepless night on Saturday at the lake...VERY SLEEPLESS!!!).

All and all I am very proud of us.  It rained for 3 of the 4 days we had no TV and we were able to entertain ourselves quite nicely.  Having all of those distractions and books on tape definitely helped.  We are not a huge TV family as it only watch 30-60 minutes a day.....but mommy is on the computer way too much.  After this big project is over, I plan to do a few Screen Free days to take a break from it for awhile.  I could definitely use a break from it!!!


Mommy Lisa said...

I find myself not even looking at a computer some weekends.

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