Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jammies, Jammies and More Jammies :)

I am so excited that Lil'C is finally back to her little happy and giggly self!!  The last week and a half was a rough one for her.  Between numerous injuries, fevers, strep throat, a tick bite, lots of tears and many temper tantrums.....she has returned to her normal self.  Daddy was alone with the kids for 5 hours on Sunday and he looked completely frazzled when I returned (and Lil'C had slept for 90minutes of that time).  The poor guy was unsure what to do with the child who was playing the part of Lil'C last week.  It is refreshing to see her smile and giggle once again!
Over the last few weeks Lil'C has decided that jammies are her clothes of choice :) On most days she wears between 3-4 pairs and prefers them to all other clothes.  If clothes are a must, she must be dressed in pink (or at least mostly pink) and it can be a bit of a struggle to get her into real clothes.  I have decided that there are some battles I do not wish to fight and unless it is inappropriate that she is in jammies, she can sport the look if she wants to (that and her two different socks).  I think I have a Punky Brewster in the making and I am happy to let her express herself in that way :)

Happy Birthday Auntie K!  We love you so much and hope you enjoy your birthday week with Uncle M and the rest of us crazies!!


Annie said...

She looks so comfy!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad she is back to herself. Poor sweetie!
Jamies all day sounds real good to me! I just had the vision of doing our next open house in jamies!?!?! and we have so many socks without partners that two different socks sounds logical too. I think Little C is on to something. I stop at all pink though...
HUGS:) Mimi

Connie Weiss said...

I'd wear my jammies all the time if I could get away with it!

Glad she's feeling better!

Mom said...

You wrote too soon! Hope she is feeling better. We will miss you this weekend.

Love you all!

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