Wednesday, July 23, 2008

OK Soda

I am staying at my parent's this week while S is away on business. It has been like a trip down memory lane for me. I have been exploring old photo albums, yearbooks and notes and letters from the past. All this reminiscing made me remember my favorite snack in High School. I loved to come home and eat SunChips (any flavor but French Onion was a fav) and drink OK Soda. Does anyone remember this stuff?? I LOVED it!

My friends and I would drink it all the time and we loved to call the fun hotline "1-800-I FEEL OK". I guess our area was a test market that that the soda only lasted for a little over a year. All good things seem to end too early...."The Brady Bunch" only lasted 4 seasons, the musical group, "The Jets" (I loved "I've Got A Crush On You"), Rainbow Brite (I wonder where my green sprite is?) and of course the Snorks (I loved Snorkland).


Mom said...

I don't remember OK Soda? Did I buy it for you?

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