Thursday, July 24, 2008

We Made It....

Well as you know, S is away for the week and so I have been staying with my parents. I know what you are thinking...I am 31 years old now and should be able to stay home alone :) Yes I do agree with you on that but I like being with people! I tried living on my own in Grad School and let's just say it was the biggest waste of $6,000! I had to pay up front because I was a poor grad student and I think I may of slept in the apartment 25 times all year! Yes I am a wuss! I hate being alone :)

Well last night, Z and I went home. I had a meeting at 3:30, had to make dinner for a friend who had a baby and we had Kindermusik early this morning. It only made sense to sleep at our own house. The night started off great. We had dinner together, watched some George and both got into our jammies. I read Z his 5 books, gave him his water and tucked him into bed at 7:30. He talked for a bit (very usual) and then started to scream. I ignored it for a bit and then at about 8:40, I went to get him. I brought him downstairs and he started calling "Daddy? Daddy?" and looking around for S. I felt so bad for the little guy and told him that Daddy was away. I offered to let him call him but he cried out and threw the phone. I calmed him down and took a wiff of him. It was a good thing that I gotten him because he had pooped :)

I changed him, let him watch the end of the Baby Borrowers (such a weird show) and then tried to put him to bed for the second time. This time we read two books, got him his water and kissed him goodnight. He immediately started screaming. I got myself ready for bed (yes it was only 9:15pm) and sat at his door while he sobbed "Momma". My heart broke, I went and got him and let him sleep in my bed. He was draped across me and it took me quite awhile to console him and then when I thought he was drifting off...I went to make the move to put him on S's side. This backfired and he started to sob again. I calmed him once again and waited for him to fall asleep. At that point, I pondered moving him to S's side or putting him back in his room. His room has the room darkening shades and that was my only chance of sleeping until 7am....but I might wake him. I decided to chance it and almost had it but I laid him down into a wet spot of the bed (where he had been sobbing). He woke up and started to cry. I massaged his chest and prayed that he would go back down....thankfully he did. I crawled into bed at 10:15, so tired from the nights events :)

This morning, he woke up at 8am!! I was so thankful for the extra sleep (I have a race tonight). During breakfast I asked if he wanted to sleep at his grandparents tonight.....he said "YES!". So we are back here for two more nights. Yes I am a wimp but here I have help and Z is distracted so he doesn't notice that S is missing. If S ever comes to me and asks to take a job with more answer will be no...I don't care how much money it is for. He works long hours now, commutes a lot but at least he is home every night to sleep :) I am thankful for that!!!

The picture above is of my mom's dog ;)


Michelle said...


I don't think you are a wimp.
I think this baby thing is hard.
I have a 2 yr old daughter that still does not sleep all night. Her voice breaks my heart, I cannot stand to let her cry. If her father is away I let her and her 7 yr old brother sleep w/ me. Or I pack up and stay with my sister. Hang in there...

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