Friday, July 18, 2008

They Are Growing Up So Fast!!!

My little baby bird friends are growing up so fast! Today was a big day for the clan....the babies left the nest for the first time and have been hanging out in the tree branches. They are so cute! One of them is right near the window and so we have been staring at each other all day.

Z can see them all now! He sees the dad (he's so bright) coming in and out of the tree with food and can see the babies moving around. I showed him this clip of a bird hatching and he was very intrigued. We have been talking about how baby birds come out of eggs but I think I am beating a dead horse :) I was not able to find little birds for his nest but I did order him this but I don't think that will help either. Oh well.

I am sad to think that in a few short days (maybe sooner) my bird friends will vacate their temporary home and go to live in the yard. It has been so much fun for S and I to watch them hatch from little eggs and grow to be the little birds they are today. I hope that next year we are lucky enough to have birds lay eggs in our tree again. This has been so much fun!


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