Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Finding a Reason to Celebrate....

I love holidays!!! When I was a teacher, we would celebrate every holiday there was (didn't want anyone to feel left out!). Every year we counted down the days to Elvis' birthday, celebrated Opening Day at Fenway Park, had a very large Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and even had a day long celebration of Summer where we turned the classroom into a Summer Camp :) My friend K nicknamed me the Christmas Elf....I think the Holiday Elf would be more appropriate ;)

A few months back I took a baseball away from Z because he was starting to damage our home. It was S's ball from when he was a kid and I started to read the kid like writing on the ball. It was the game ball he had been awarded on July 8, 1991 during his All Star game. He had made the last out with a tremendous double play (he caught the ball and then tagged first base) and had been awarded this ball. He had written the details of the game on the ball and I could just imagine him beaming at it, in his room after the game. It was then that I decided we would surprise S with a celebration of this event.

So I have made posters and hung balloons. A ball park menu has been designed for the party complete with hot dogs (really tofu pups), soft pretzels, french fries, beer and sports ice cream bars. Z and I bought him a Red Sox game ball and I wrote "After 17 years you are still a MVP and All Star!" I can't wait to surprise him tonight :) I love a good party and he is one man that deserves a party every day of the year!

Here's to celebrations and holidays! Cheers!!!


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