Thursday, July 31, 2008

Haircut Trauma

Oh the joys of getting the lad's hair cut :) This time I decided to skip my salon and go to a kid friendly place. My salon is great with him but after two haircuts there, he cries if we pull in the parking lot :( I thought if we went to a new place there might be less tears.

We chose this place and it was really cute ;) Z was mesmerized by it.....he looked around, checked things out and seemed totally unaware of what was about to happen. They called us in and as soon as Z saw the high stool, he ran! I ran after him, found a truck for him to play with but it was too late....he was sobbing! I told the lady to skip the cape and asked if he could sit on my lap. She said it is much easier if we can strap them in. We did and the tears (and now snot) continued to flow. She put on the movie and I handed him a lollipop but he was too far gone to want anything but out of that chair.

At this point he was starting to frighten the other little patrons. "Why is that boy crying mommy?" "What is wrong with him?" It was a nightmare! He kept looking at me with these longing eyes but he needed his haircut so there was nothing I "could" do ;) I told her to cut it short so that we wouldn't need to come back for quite awhile. His last cut was in March and I think only having to bring Z to have his hair cut 3 times a year is the way to go :)

When it was all over, I took him out of the chair and gave him a big hug. He got his prize and lollipop and I got the honor of paying $17 for a child haircut! Are they kidding? Yes he got a lollipop and a prize (a silly "elfsize" notebook) but I think $17 is a bit much! She didn't even wash his hair! My haircut costs $26 (I know it is a great deal) and I get a shampoo and style!!!

The kid friendly salon was adorable, the hairdresser was very nice but for only $5 I can bring Z to my salon where they have lollipops and he can cry and not frighten other children :) I think we will wait until the holidays before going through this again.


A Buns Life said...

I used to cut Jacob's hair myself because he would get so hysterical at the salons. I got pretty good with the clippers if I do say so myself....and he improved a lot doing it at home, with mommy, in front of his favorite movie. I think we finally went back to the real place when he was 4. Smooth sailing ever since. It's too bad I don't really like the "buzz" cut look. It was a lot cheaper! Hang in there, it WILL get better. :)

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