Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'm Sad :(

I feel that I am still new to this blogging world and because I do not have that much time, I have not been able to explore all of the wonderful blogs out there. I have 5 or 6 that I check everyday and I love to read about their daily lives. I feel like I know these women and hope that if we ever met in a bar or at a playgroup, we would get along fabulously :)

Well two of these ladies are calling it quits for awhile. One is going back to school to become a nurse and the other feels she needs to spend more time with her family. I understand their needs to put themselves and their family first and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors. That being said.....I am so sad about their blog breaks. They are both fantastic writers and I often find myself laughing out loud while reading their stuff. I am constantly quoting their blogs to my husband and if you were to over hear our conversation, you would think that I was talking about people I knew :) (creepy I know).

Well girls, it has been fun reading about your lives over the last few months. I wish you both the very best. And know that if you ever feel the need to blog again, I will be here to read it.......



A Buns Life said...

I makes me sad too. It is hard, you make friends and connections through blogging and then people need to slow down and quit and then they are gone. Lucky for me midwestern mommy lives just 5 minutes from me and we see each other, and I have had dinner with the other "one" and we have promised to get together again so hopefully we will. It is still sad though... life gets busy....

Michelle said...

I found you over at 'Buns'.
I am avid reader of hers. I find it weird to read about everyone's lives - I almost feel as if I know them. And I find myself talking about 'what blog I read' to my friends and family.
Keep blogging and I will keep reading. Welcome.

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