Monday, July 21, 2008

What a Weekend!

It always amazes me how fast the weekends go by! This past weekend was jam packed with FOOD, GIFTS, BOOZE and FUN :) We started off our weekend early with S taking the day off on Friday. I woke up to find my birthday present nicely wrapped waiting by the bedroom door. I ran to get it and brought it back in bed with me. I was so excited (I am still such a kid). It was a new video camera because ours broke 6 months ago. I squealed with delight, gave S a kiss and ran downstairs to charge the battery. Our plan was to spend the day at the amusement park and I wanted to bring the camera with us. After all, I have 6 months of footage to make up for!

When we got to the park, Z did not know what to make of it. Where were we? What was this strange place? Our first ride was the carousel, we thought we would ease him into amusement park culture. Well the music was so loud that he started his day in tears. He kept crying "off...go way". We all sat together on one of those benches on the carousel and went round and round. I am so glad we did not try to put him up on one of the horses because this ride really flew! I thought they all went really slow....oh well!

The rides did not get much better from there.....he did not want anything to do with kiddie land (can't say that I blame him, you have to ride without your parents) and sort of liked the antique cars. The train ended up being the big hit of the day. My mom took Z for the rest of the day and S and I did the "real" rides! Man, I must be getting old. I was complaining of nausea and back pain after each jolting ride. I remember going on these rides a few years back and then jumping back in line to go on again and again. Those days are over!! S and I hit about 6 rides and then went to have a late lunch in one of the air conditioned restaurants. I think our favorite ride of the day was the sky ride (you know those peaceful chair lift like rides :). We are a couple of senior citizens I tell you!

After the park we brought home a lobster dinner to share with my parents . An early celebration for my mom and I. It was great! Saturday was another fun party day...this time with my whole family. We got take-out at my sister's house, she made a delicious cake and then there was Guitar Hero :)

Sunday was the big surprise party for my dad. I haven't written about it because I was afraid he would read my blog. My sisters, mom and I planned a huge party for him to celebrate his year of being DG of Rotary. The boys took dad golfing for the day and we had 5 hours to put the whole party together. My one sister cooked, my mom and I cleaned, set up tents and furniture and my other sister decorated. It was really challenging to do all of this work with a 22 month old and a 10 month old to care for. Some how we managed to do it all and I got out of the shower just as the first guests were arriving. We had 50 people come to our Island Party and dad was completely surprised! It was so worth all of the hard work to see his face light up in disbelief. What a great time ;)

So that was our weekend. S got up bright and early for a business trip so I only got about 2 hours of sleep. I am so exhausted! I plan to go to bed super early and hope that I wake up tomorrow with a little less back pain (I lifted so much yesterday) and a little less tired ;)

I hope you all had a nice weekend!


Lisa said...

Sounds like your weekend was jammed packed. Hope you had a blast at the party. And hope you get a nap in today. Two hours of sleep? OY. Couldn't do it!

Leanne said...

Happy Birthday! I'm so glad you got a present that made you happy and you even got a quick chance to use it....

My kids are still not into rides, and they're much much oler then your little one. I'm starting to wonder what I did wrong! Let me know if it gets any better.

A Buns Life said...

Happy Birthday!! I still LOVE the roller coasters...I can't do anything that spins around in circles though. I will totally get sick! I wish we had had another adult with us when we went to Six Flags so we could have done a few more totally grown up rides....we did get a few in, but we had to split up and go solo.

Glad you got a FABULOUS present!!

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