Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Addicted to Facebook!!!

Okay, I thought I could handle the world of facebook...but now I am starting to second guess myself. It is so addicting! I only started a week ago, so please tell me that the newness will wear off and I will be able to get on with my life :)

Here is a look into my brain for a typical facebook session...."I know I have laundry to fold but let me log on really quick to see if anyone wants to be my friend or if anything interesting was posted. 45 minutes later.....Oh before I log off...let me try find that person. Is it them? Maybe...let me send them a message. Oh look who just popped in and wants to be my friend...they have 4 kids!" And it goes on and on until Z's entire nap is over and I have done nothing!

If you asked me 2 weeks ago to join facebook, I would have laughed in your face. I was not going to be apart of any social networking program. Then my best friend L told me to log on and play around with her account, before I knew it I had my own account and was on facebook for 2 1/2 hours (Z had a long nap that day). I now have S hooked (he also swore he would never use it) and have had a blast hunting down all of my old high school, college, study abroad and grad school friends. I have reconnected with folks I haven't spoken to in over 13 years! It has been so much fun seeing who has kids, where people live and what people do for work. I know, I know...who cares? Well I guess I do. I am also hoping to use facebook as a venue to deal with a person from my past who I upset many years ago. We have not spoken in 13 years and I would like to apologize for whatever I did (unfortunately I still don't know what I did ) to make her so angry with me. Maybe facebook will help us to put the past behind us and help us to move forward. Who knows???

I do know that if I want to live in a clean house, I need to set time limits for myself :) Link


jen said...

i've done the same thing...

for me...after i got it set up...it really doesn't attract my time too much anymore. i would say there is hope for you too!

but, others...especially people that don't have blogs i've noticed...spend more time on there and are constantly updating.

who knows!

Michelle said...

ok, can you explain this to me? I signed up because I wanted some graphics off of there. I can't figure out what I am doing. I am so clueless about that site and I consider myself pretty internet saavy. I just don't get it. HELP! :)

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