Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Z's View on the Election

This morning, I sat down with Z and over "coffee" (his was water) we had a political discussion. Here is how it went:

M: Today is a special day. Today we go to vote for a new president.

Z: blank stare

M: Our President is like the Mommy or the Daddy of our country. He or She take care of the people in our country and keep us safe. Today we get to vote for either John McCain or Barack Obama.

Z: blank stare

M: Well Z, which letter do you like better...O or M? You could vote for your favorite letter today.

Z: O.....M.....no vote O......no vote M.....vote for W!!!

M: Z we are voting today to get rid of "W"...he has already had 8 long years in the White House! So today you can vote for President O or President M...who would you like to vote for?

Z: O....vote for M.....no O.....no T.....no vote for XYZ!!!

M: Cheers to that Z :)


Neene said...

My grandson is so SMART!

Love you Z!

jen said...

my oldest was so excited to hear the result. it's fun to start to introduce them to what it is and why we do it.

Michelle said...

ok that is the greatest conversation I have ever heard. I voted for XYZ too Z! ;)

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