Monday, November 10, 2008

My Husband...The Hero!

**Warning...this post might not be for the weak of heart :) **

This past weekend was the first time, since May, that we spent the entire weekend at home (not traveling more than 5 miles away). Z had a high fever (reaction to his MMR shot) but other than that it was so nice to be home and able to attack some projects that have been in the works for a very long time!

Our Master Bathroom has been under construction for over 2 years!!! When we had the issues with rot, we had to move out of our bedroom. Once the bedroom was complete (a year later) we moved back in and began work on our bathroom. I started by taking down the wallpaper. Then almost 6 months later, we plastered the walls and this past weekend S sanded, primed and started painting :) I have to finish painting today and then we can hang the new light fixture :) We then need to caulk the shower, put up molding, change out the faucet and then we will at least be able to use it ;) We then plan to do the floor this winter. What a long process it has been.

The reason this project has taken so long is that we get distracted by other projects (yard stuff, painting the downstairs, new light fixtures etc.) and we travel around so much. We are very busy people and always on the go. This makes home projects tough to finish.

While S was up painting the bathroom, I was doing my least favorite chore....LAUNDRY. Once I finished, I went into the bathroom closet to pull out some ingredients to make my all natural cleaning solutions. I brought the supplies into the kitchen and noticed that there was something weird on the outside of the plastic bag that had been holding the supplies. I threw it away and went back into the bathroom closet to investigate. There (next to all of my dish towels) was the mouse that had been locked in our bathroom a few months ago!!! We thought it had escaped but instead it decided to die in my dish towels!!!! YUCK!!!!! I screamed, ran upstairs and told S what I had found. He was just as grossed out but we decided we couldn't do much until Z woke up (we figured it would be pretty loud).

After nap, S got into his "hazmat" outfit (gloves, goggles, mask, old clothes). He had our indoor/outdoor vac, heavy duty cleaning solution, paper towels and garbage bags. He told me he was going to have to throw out all of my dish towels and that I could go and get some more...fine with me! As he explored the situation, he found MAGGOTS!!!! Tons and tons of MAGGOTS!!!! All throughout my dishtowels (thankfully I had been using the new dishtowels that I got for my anniversary and haven't used that closet in awhile). SO GROSS!!!!!!!!! He worked diligently to remove all of the disgusting materials, washed the area clean and removed it to the garbage. It was disgusting and I hope poor S doesn't have to do anything else like that for a long time. As for me...I am so relieved to have him in our life! What would I have done??? If I had had to clean that up, my gag reflex would have kicked in and there would have been double the mess to clean up.

S you are our HERO! Thanks for working so hard this weekend and cleaning up that horrible mess. We love you!!!!


Anonymous said...

All in a days work. ;)



A Buns Life said...

gag! I would have been sick!

Christina said...

Can't believe you didn't smell that sooner. ugh

Leanne said...

Ewe. Yep, he'd be my hero too. Good work S!

Michelle said...

EWWWWW!!!! Now you have me freaking out. We had a mouse recently. It was having itself a grand little time running up and down the holes in our heating system. Ray went and put mouse traps everywhere. Brenden told me he would see it running around all night...avoiding the traps. Needless to say we have never found it and after this....I pray we never do. OMG! I have the heebie jeebies now.

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