Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dental Anxiety

Yesterday morning I woke up and when I came out of my sleepy stupor a feeling of dread came over my was time to go to the DENTIST! I had put off this appointment for two months (I had to cancel it once before because S had a meeting) and I knew there was nothing I could do to get out of it. Feeling sick to my stomach, I forced some breakfast down, brushed my teeth and got into the car.

I hate the DENTIST (not personally...he really is a wonderful man)!! As a child I use to love going to the dentist. It was a fun experience and he always told me what perfect teeth I had...I never had one cavity as a child :) Well as an adult my feelings have changed and I avoided going to the Dentist for three years (so embarrassing). When I finally went to my current dentist, two years ago...he found all sorts of things that were wrong :( I had to have my first 4 fillings and even had to have one of my wisdom teeth out! Now every time I sit in that chair, I wonder what they are going to find.

This trip was to have a mouth guard fitted (I grind my teeth really badly at night) and have two small fillings done (cavity 5 and 6!!). As I pulled into the parking lot, I thought about making a run for it ;) When I finally got in the chair, I really thought I was going to be sick. I adore the dental assistant and we chatted away as I pretended to be anywhere but in that chair (I am such a wimp when it comes to my mouth). The dentist came over with his big needle of Novocaine and I told him I would be listening to my I-Pod during this whole ordeal. He laughed (as he always does) and pretended to be insulted that I didn't like his classical music. I told him that this was my running mix and it would block out the horrible drilling sounds.

If I had remembered what it was like to have a mouth guard fitted, I would have never agreed to it. I have the worst gag reflex and this procedure was awful. They laid me down and put this seaweed jello like substance on a metal tray and stuck it in my mouth for 2 1/2 minutes. Do you realize how long 2 1/2 minutes is??? Bits of the stuff was floating around the back of my throat, my mouth was numb and I was trying not to gag. I made it through the first tray but when he went to do the second tray, a big chunk of it broke off and headed straight to the back of my throat. When I went to swallow, it got stuck and I started choking. They quickly sat me up, banged on my back, water was squirting everywhere (this device has water hoses), the dentist could not get the tray out of my mouth...I thought I was going to die! He finally got it out of my mouth, I choked up the big piece and begged for the assistant to suction out the rest of the hardened jello in my mouth. It was AWFUL. They then decided to have me sit up for this procedure and we had to start the long 2 1/2 minutes all over again.

After this procedure, the fillings were a piece of cake. My next appointment for a cleaning is in May. I vow to start flossing and rinsing everyday so that I don't have to get anymore fillings! From now on, I would like to see my dentist for cleanings only :)


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