Friday, November 21, 2008

Who Says Boys Can't Have Tea Parties?

Tonight I was craving a cup of tea, Z was running all about and my aching body just wanted a nice warm drink. Friday night is now movie night in our house but we were still 45 minutes away from the start of the flick (Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving was tonight's feature), S was still away on his business trip (he has been gone since Monday)...what to do?

Me: Z, want to have a tea party?
Z: tea potty?
Me: Yes, we will drink tea and you can have a few cookies.
Z:, drink coffee? (he means water in his coffee cup, we often have coffee chats in the morning)
Me: No, it is too late for coffee...we are going to have tea.
Z: Okay

Z climbed into his chair while I prepared the tea. I brought out the big bucket of tea, two mugs and a plate of cookies. As I looked through the tea bucket, I asked him which I should have. Z picked out a nice mango tea for me and as I opened it and placed the teabag in my cup, I noticed that he was watching my every move. It dawned on me that this was probably the first time he had ever seen tea being made. My tea is often prepared it in the kitchen while he is off playing, making tea fascinated him.

I sat down and was about to take my first sip when Z started to reach across the table for the tea bucket. He wanted his own tea bag and I knew we would not have peace until he did :) I asked him which bag he wanted and he picked out the mango tea as well. He took the bag and copied my motions of dipping the tea bag up and down. We said "Cheers" and began to sip our tea. I expected him to hate his tea flavored water but he gulped it down! We shared cookies, Z had two cups of "tea" and we talked about our day. It was a lot of fun and I hope to do it again soon :) When we were all finished, I asked Z if he liked the tea party.

Z: Tea party good! Tea party good!


Connie said...

That is great!

I am amazed that my daughter can tell the difference between my tea cup and my coffee cup and calls them by the right names.

We are very excited because in two weeks we are hosting our first Mother/Daughter Holiday Tea Party!

Leanne said...

Ah. Great post. You will remember this for the rest of yoour life. I wonder if he'll now drink tea when he's older? Keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

I loved the close-up photo of his hand...I always take close-up pictures of my little guy using his fork, etc. Glad to see I'm not the only one! :)

jen said...

tea sounds perfect.
right now.
i'm off to make myself a cup.

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