Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Adopt an Elf

I just found a great blog today and she seems to be more into the holidays than me (who thought that could be possible?? :)). She wrote all about adopting an elf and so of course I checked out the Elf-Magic website and ordered one right away! Our elf is due to arrive in our home on December 1st but we will start putting our our crackers and water on November 29th (to entice the elf to live with us for the holidays). I can't wait!

I have seen Elf on a Shelf and almost got one a few weeks ago but I am glad I held off. I love the story on the Elf Magic website. First you write to Santa to see if it would be okay for an elf to visit your home for the Holiday Season, then you put out your crackers and water to entice them to live in your home and then there are so many more fun things you can do once your elf comes to live with you (check it out on their website).

I will update you about our adventures with our new elf once he gets here (have to work on a good name for him...if any of you have any suggestions...please share :)).


Connie said...

Hi! So glad I found you! A kindred spirit at Christmas! By the way, I thought we had to name our elf but he came with a name. It was on top of the box.

This is going to be soooo much fun!

jen said...

i loved her story on the elf too!
i'll have to go and check it've convinced me. plus we are getting to the point where we need a little holiday magic around here.

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