Monday, April 18, 2011

Earth Week

Earth Day is this Friday and so I have decided to focus on it all week with Z and Lil' C.  Each day we will focus on a different reason why we should love and take care of this big, beautiful planet.  Here is an outline of what I have planned :)  There are a lot of books planned for this week (I have dozens of good books on this topic from my teaching days) and since I have two sick kids (100.7) and no TV or computer...we need all the books we can get!

Monday--Introduction to Earth Day
       -Book--The Lorax (our favorite!) and For the Love of Our Earth
       -Activity--Reenact the Lorax, talk about the meaning of Earth Day

        -Book --Wartville Wizard and the Berenstein Bears Don't Pollute Anymore
        -Activitiy-Z and I will go out (with work gloves) and clean up the trash that collected in the yard
                        over the winter

Wednesday--The 3 R's
       -Book--Where does the Garbage Go? and Recycle
      -Activitiy-Make Sculptures out of our Recyclables (Z has been wanting to do this for awhile!),  
           listen to Jack Johnson's 3R's song (love that song!)

Thursday--Water Conservation
       -Book-A Drop Around the World and Drip! Drop! How Water Gets to Your Tap
       -Activitiy--Make a list of ways we can save water, sing the Water Cycle Song (see below), Play a
            water cycle  game, do a water cycle dance :)

       -Book--Composting and The Vegetables We Eat
      -Activitiy--Clean out our compost bin and get our indoor collection bin ready for the season!

Saturday--Trees and Nature
       -Book--Tell Me Tree and Just a Dream
      -Activitiy--Plant a few saplings in the yard, talk about the importance of trees to our planet and go
                          on a tree hunt in the yard (ID as many trees as we can without leaves ;)).

Have a Great Earth Week!

Water Cycle Song (sung to She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain :))
Water travels in a cycle, yes it does
Water travels in a cycle, yes it does.
It goes up as evaporation,
Forms clouds as condensation,
Then comes down as precipitation, yes it does.


MamaB said...

I love Earth Day and all the activities you have planned...since this is an important part of my job and you guys spend a lot of time at a lake, here is an activity book we have put together about fish and fish consumption. Thought you might need some more activities!!

Connie said...

Great plan! I need to figure something out for this week!

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