Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Typical Night of Sleep in Our House

Maybe this post should be titled "A Typical Night of NO Sleep in Our House" instead.  Lately I am amazed at how the 3 people I inhabit this house with get so much sleep (well S only on weekends) and I get so little.  It is as if they all plan it out ahead of time and say, "How can we work to make sure mommy gets NO sleep?".

I want to share with you a typical week night in the Raising Z and Lil' C household so you can see what I mean :)

10 PM--I go to bed after a long day :)

11PMish--S wakes me up with the garage door opening as he comes home or he comes up to kiss me hello

12:30AMish--Z wakes up with a nightmare and runs into our room. S is not in bed to deal with it (fell asleep on the couch) so I must get out of bed to help Z and on my way back to bed I wake S up.

2:30AMish--C wakes up SCREAMING and will not calm herself.  She cries off and on for 35 minutes before I go in to console her.  I get her more water, change her diaper and sing to her.

2:45AMish--I wake S up once again from the couch (he fell back to sleep after the first wake up) and return to bed

3:30AMish--Lil' C finally falls back to sleep and I am also able to drift off to sleep

5:30AM--S's alarm goes off so he can make the bus.  Our snooze is broken so I must stay awake to try to wake the grumpy bear.

5:50AM--S tires of my jabs to the chest and rises to take his shower after about 5 hours of broken sleep

5:51AM--Lil C wakes for the day crying after about 10 1/2 hours of sleep

6:00AM--I get out of bed and start my day with Lil' C after about 4.5 hours of broken sleep and S leaves for the bus

7:30AM--Z rises from his peaceful slumber after almost 12 hours of sleep

Sometimes I wish I was Z ;)


Annie said...

Hang in there!!!

Have a great day.

Connie said...

I think it gets better when they are 10.

Sarah Moore said...

I'm sending you my alarm clock, complete with multiple snooze functions in the AM - can't imagine I'll ever need to be awoken by a clock again :)

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