Friday, April 8, 2011

Feed Play Love

 Right now there is a FREE three week virtual conference going on called Feed, Play Love.  It was organized and being run by Kiva Leatherman (president and founder of the Wise Women Network) and Donna Ashton (founder and CEO of the Waldorf Connection). Here is what they say about the conference on the website:

Our incredible speakers are going to teach you so much about being a parent on purpose...
We’ll teach you to FEED your child’s body, mind and spirit...
Give ways to allow them space to PLAY and foster their own ingenuity and creativity...
Inspire ways to LOVE being a Mom, to feel confident and purposeful in the choices that you make about raising your child.

This list of speakers is incredible (including Kim John Payne from Simplicity new hero).  The first week was all about Food, "FEED" and you can still catch the last two speakers if you sign up right away.  They keep the talks up for 48 hours so if you are not able to listen live, no problem.  I am a day behind myself and love to listen as I fold laundry, put away dishes etc.

I listened to Dr. Michael Gaeta last night and learned a lot.  I have been on the raw milk fence for awhile and I think he has finally got me to switch (after a little more research of course ;)).  If you miss his talk you can always visit his website and check out his archived radio shows.  He speaks on nutrition, vaccines and so much more.  

So go check out the website and sign yourself up :) 


Connie said...

Awesome! I'll sign up today!

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