Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Supermom Dropout

My head is whirling as I write this post.  After a complete burnout moment today (I think I actually said to Caroline that I was over her?!?!?!?!), I melted to S on the phone.  As always, he was able to get to the root of the problem and helped me to realize once again that nobody can be Supermom.   I am on overload and trying to do too many things perfectly.  I need to take a step back, take a deep breath and re prioritize once again.

It was all going along pretty well for awhile.  As you know, I am on a super minimalize/simplify/spring cleaning kick and have been working so hard for the past 7 months to get this house in shape.  Throw in cooking most of our food from scratch (we try not to buy processed foods anymore), trying to stay on a strict budget (couponing for unprocessed foods is REALLY hard), "homeschooling Z" (homeschooling is in quotes because really all we do is play...that is what preschool is all about ;)), keeping to our daily routine/schedule (although Simplicity Parenting has helped me so much with this part of our lives), living the life of a start-up family and trying to keep our connections with friends and is a lot to do.  So when I started my Power 90 exercise and diet regime this week....the camels back broke :( 

I love to have happy and loved kids, I love to have a clean house, I love to eat and make healthy and simple foods for my family, I NEED to stay on this crazy budget, I love being home with my kids full time (call me crazy), I LOVE and NEED to be around friends and family and honestly...I need to workout.  So how does one do it all? 

As S pointed out, you can't do it all is impossible.  So he suggested putting all of the things I want to do down in order of priority and focus on the high priorities first.  Obviously the kids come first (always do) and making connections with family and friends come next.  As for the rest, it is important for me to continue on this simplification journey so I will continue to "obsess" over that.  However S pointed out that I am only capable of obsessing over one thing at a time.  When he heard I was back to counting calories, he had visions of my crazed Weight Watchers Days and begged me to stop.  He asked me to keep a food diary instead and just pay attention to what I eat (make sure I am getting enough protein, veggies etc.).  He is right...calorie counting makes me crazy, spring cleaning makes me crazy and two crazy things at a time is just too much.  I need to stop the calorie counting and tone down the crazy cleaning and I think my camels back will be good as new :)

Yikes!  Thanks for hanging with me through this post...I needed to get it all out :)  I am off to pour a glass of wine (do I have to write wine on my food journal??) and relax for the rest of the night :)


Connie said...

HAng in there mama!!

I think what broke my camel's back....was when I had to cut back to 2 bottles a wine a month.

I need to move wine higher up the list.

Love you!

jen said...

i feel that often too. i'm proud of what you ARE doing ... and i'm proud that you are realizing it.
breathe. all will be good.

Mommy Lisa said...

Wine does NOT count in the food journal. ;) Glad you could figure out what you need to do to not go crazy.

Mom said...

Hey, give yourself a break. You are a wonderful mom and have two fantastic kids.

You have always been so hard on yourself...even as a little girl. So, take a break, let the kids do something that doesn't need you right there, and chill.

S gave you some pretty good advise. Take it!

Love you!

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