Friday, April 15, 2011

For My Non-Blogging Readers--Mom that's You!

Hey everybody,  I know there a lot of you (friends and family) that check in with my blog from time to time and so I wanted to make things easier for you :)  Rather than checking to see if I posted anything (and finding I haven't ;), you can enter your email address in the box on the left hand side (where it says "Subscribe via email") and then anytime I write a post, it will get emailed to you :)  You will even be able to read it right in your email if you want to :)

Just trying to save some time in all of your busy lives!   Happy Weekend :)  If you are in the area, come on by to our Yard Sale tomorrow (Saturday 8-2).  I have HUNDREDS of kids books from my classroom as well as some other crap jems :)


Mom said...

So, this blog was for me. Okay...I have subscribed. But, actually, it isn't that big a deal checking your blog since it is on my Most Visited bar on my internet. So, I get to it pretty fast. Your mom is somewhat computer savvy, somewhat.
Have fun tomorrow at the yard sale. Z and I are going to have a great sleepover. He has it all planned :D

Annie said...

I don't have problem checking your blog.

Have a great weekend and a fun yard sale.

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