Friday, April 8, 2011

Project Simplify Week #5--The Big Finale

It is the 5th and final week of Simple Mom's Project Simplify event.  For me it has been 5 crazy weeks but I am so proud of the hard work and results!  This week, Tsh allowed us to pick our Hotspot.  At first this really annoyed me (I like to be told what to do ;)).  She had a list of suggestions and as I read them to S and he suggested that I take on the basement.

I laughed and told him that next week leading up to our yardsale and for the week after that, he and I would be doing that one together :)

I suggested I do the back deck,

but really I don't think the before/after pictures would be too dramatic ;)

I then thought of all the pictures I need to organize/scan and all of my computer files that need to be organized but I knew those projects would not bring the same satisfaction that the rest of the Hotspots had provided.  So, I decided on....The Kids Bathroom!

The Kids bathroom was "clean" to the passerby but open the vanity or the closet and you would find a whole other world.  Toiletries from the 1990's that had been moved from my college dorm, to many apartments and then settled in the cabinets were piled high.  I found tools, enough new toiletries and cleaning supplies to open a pharmacy, old medications, jewelry, piggy name it, It was in that BATHROOM.   Six trash/recycling bags later, the bathroom is just filled with up to date and useful materials.  I reorganized everything so that it functions for us at bathtime (moved kids towels into the bathroom) and I am so happy to now know where everything is!

 One of the many drawers of the vanity before/after
 one of the two cabinets before/after
 the dreaded closet before/after

I was tempted to throw in the linen closet this week for fun but after S's lecture on taking on too much....I decided to refrain.   There is always next week ;)


D. K. Stangeland said...

great job!!!

Connie said...

Great job!

What I really want to know you have a working faucet in your bathroom?

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