Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Love the Hand-Me-Down Bins :)

This was the very LOUD outfit that S dressed Lil' C in while I was gone last weekend :)
I just went through Lil' C's spring/summer wardrobe (courtesy of my sister and my best friend) and I am sooooo excited.  She is going to be WAY better dressed than me this season and it is not costing us a dime (Reusing is my favorite of the 3R's ;)).  I am so grateful to my sister, La, Sey, my mom and all of the friends who have dressed Lil' C since the day she was born.  She has had all of her clothes, pajamas, bathing suits, shoes, even g-diapers handed down :)  I think I may have spent $150 on her clothes in the last year and a half and that was only on things that I liked for Christmas presents!

My Hand-Me-Down supply for Z has almost dried up so I am forced to seek out bargains (might even try the consignment shop or Goodwill this year) but plan to not go crazy at all.  He doesn't need much to get through the summer and he already has a fall wardrobe waiting for him (bought it all on clearance last fall). 

As for me, well I will not be adding anything new to my wardrobe this year (sob, sob) but hope to give some life to what I already wear by mixing it up.  Hopefully my Power 90 journey will help me to look better in the clothes that I do have and that will be enough to keep a spring in my step :)


Mommy Lisa said...

I totally buy on clearance a season ahead. :) You could also make it a mission to find yourself a clearance t-shirt or tank top at Target when your arms are buffed out. ;)

Sarah Moore said...

I am thinking of doing Thred Up - I wonder if any of your readers have?

Mom said...

I don't think that shirt went with those leggings. It is a very cute outfit when put together correctly:)

Love the pants!!!!

Connie said...

I like those pants!

Little BGCG's Mommy said...

I LOVE hand me down clothes! Cute and Free. Can't beat that!

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