Monday, April 11, 2011

Girls Road Trip

La and I at my wedding in 2004 :)

This past weekend I left S with the two kids, picked up my best friend La and drove 5 hours to see our beautiful college roommate get married :)  It was the first time I had left Lil' C over night but she did FANTASTIC with daddy (he spoiled them rotten).  This weekend was exhausting (driving always is) but it was so nice to see J get married and have so much time with La.  These days La and I can only chat while our kids run around us during playdates, briefly on the phone or on our occassional night out.  I loved every minute of having La all to myself :)  We talked about the past, present and future and our time together meant so much to me. 
My friend J at my wedding...this is not her new husband ;)
J was a beautiful bride (so bummed I didn't take any pictures this weekend!!!), her husband (an e-harmony match) is AMAZING and it was wonderful to see these two who are meant to be together, get married.  J looked like she stepped out of a bridal magazine, the love was oozing out of her and her groom and the entire chapel was so HAPPY for the two of them.  They are two of the nicest people you will meet and even though she is a Yankee fan and he is a Mets fan, they have overcome their differences and tied the knot ;)

As for the reception.....the food was WONDERFUL (can we say mashed potato bar??), the booze was flowing, the music was handpicked by J and we had a shuttle to bring us back to the hotel.  The only thing missing for La and I were our husbands to dance with during the slow songs :( 

It was a wonderful road trip, a great time to see an old friend and I am happy to report that the house is still standing.  Thanks S for this chance to get away and for doing such a great job with the kids (I will have to post the pics of Lil' C's outfit though later this week.  I can't believe he dressed her the way he did ;)). 


Annie said...

So glad you had a wonderful time with friends.

Have a great week.

Mommy Lisa said...

OMG - T-bone did that to me last week - the OUTFIT he sent her off to school in??? Ack!

So glad you had fun. Mashed potato bar??? Jealous!

Connie said...

FUN! What do you put on mashed potatoes besides gravy? Enlighten me.

I met iKeith on e-harmony.

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