Monday, October 31, 2011

Constipated Jack-o-Lantern

My brother in-law and his buddy challenged their women to a carve-off.  The men went to the garage and got out the power tools as the women took a more traditional approach.  Here are the results (the boys pumpkin is on the left).
Yup, that's an outhouse!  They built an outhouse for their pumpkin with extra wood they had laying around.  This outhouse is complete with a hole for the pumpkin feces, toilet paper roll, hand towel and moon carved on the door.  If you look closely the constipated pumpkin has beads of sweat from working so hard ;)

The girls pumpkin was adorable but clearly not in the same league as the boys :) 

And then there is our Jack-O-Lantern.....designed by Z and carved by S.  Simple, spooky and my favorite of them all!
Have a safe and spooky night!!!


Lee-Ann said...

OMG that is one awesome pumpkin! Those boys rock!

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