Thursday, October 6, 2011

More Z isms

While cleaning Z's room:

Z:  Mom the coolest thing happened last night.
Me:  Really, what?
Z:  I peed in the shape of Africa!
Me:  huh?
Z:  Last night, I peed my bed in the shape of Africa, isn't that sooooo cool!
Me:  Yes Z, so cool :)

Later in the kitchen:

Z:  Mom dad has adult knees inside of him
Me:  Yes Z, Daddy has adult knees
Z:  Yes he has adult knees inside his body and I have kidneys!
Me:  What?
Z:  Daddy has adultknees to help clean his pee and I have kidneys.

Where does he come up with this?!?!?!


Mommy Lisa said...

omg - adult knees????? So funny!

Connie said...

LOL! That's hilarious!

Connie said...

By the you sink fixed yet?

crumthekid said...

O M G that is fantastic. adultknees vs. kidneys - HYSTERICAL!!!!!

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