Monday, October 24, 2011

If You Give Lil' C a Party...

Lil' C is now two and her birthday party Saturday was so much fun!  We created the party around her favorite books from Laura Numeroff (author of If you Give a Mouse a Cookie, If you Give a Pig a Pancake etc.) and she LOVED it.

I wanted to do a brunch and so we dined on all of the 5 main character's favorite foods.  There were moose's muffins, mouse's chocolate chip cookies, pig's pancakes, cat's cupcakes and dog's donuts.  We also mixed in some other foods (quiche, lasagna and veggies and dip) to curb the sweetness :)
 The Invitation went along with the style of the books and had pictures of Lil' C for each phrase.  This is how it read: 
If you give Lil' C a party,
she is going to want a cupcake to go with it.
When she sees all the cupcakes you make, she will want to text all of her family and friends.
With family and friends coming, she will want to decorate.
Once she gets out the balloons and decorations,
she will want to listen to music as she decorates.
hearing the music will remind her of dancing,
dancing will make her thirsty and she will want some milk.
the milk will remind her of cupcakes,
and she will probably ask you for one.and chances are if she asks for a cupcake, 
she will want a party to go with it!!

The party was mostly adults (only 6 kids including my own) and so I created activities for both adults and children.  The adults had a TV Trivia game, mimosas and I searched for funny pictures of the guests for a "Looking Fabulous Contest" (inspired by Pig taking fun pictures in If you Give a Pig a Pancake).  Winners of the games received scratch tickets :)

Here is one of the 6 winners from the "Looking Fabulous Contest".  S tied in the Male Category :) 
For the kids entertainment I had a Sweet Treat Scavenger Hunt where they searched for the character's missing treats.  I also set up stations with activities from each of the books.  We had Moose's Puppets, Cat's Dinosaurs, Dog and Pig's Dance Party and Mouse's Drawing.
It was such a fun party to plan and Lil C had a fabulous time.  She wasn't really into opening gifts but enjoyed the time with family and friends!  I was exhausted by the end (party started at 11am and our last guest left after midnight) but it was all worth it to celebrate two amazing years with my beautiful little girl :)

Her Birthday Breakfast with Z, Mom and Dad
Her Doll House from Neene and Chi Chi (her auntie's got her some people and some furniture ;))
Her Bear Picture

After Party Fun with Grandpa J
Listening to her Gift from Grandpa and Mimi (She has listened to it non-stop since she got it!)


Connie said...

Oh my gosh! What a fun party! I love the theme. You are so clever!

MamaB said...

If You Give a Pig a Party is on high rotation in our household. What a great idea!! So glad she had a great birthday!

Annie said...

I love it!! So glad everyone had a great time.

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