Tuesday, October 4, 2011

S and J's Oktoberfest!

This past weekend S and I were not only fortunate enough to have a date night (first in months) but we also enjoyed our own version of Oktoberfest.  For the last few weeks we collected 4 seasonal beers.  It was 5 but once we found out that Pumpkinhead was a malt beverage (no wonder it always tasted like soda to me), it got booted from the competition. 

So the competitors we had were:  Sam Adam's Octoberfest, Blue Moon's Harvest Pumpkin Ale, UFO Pumpkin and Wolaver's Organic Pumpkin Ale.

Last week I covered the labels in white paper, covered the caps and peeled off the upper labels.  Before we began I removed the caps and numbered the bottles.  I was really happy that I had this week to forget my labeling....I totally forgot which was which :)
So on a rating scale of 1-5 (5 being the best), we rated the smell, initial taste and the after taste.  My winners are shown below in order.  S had Wolaver's and Blue Moon tied for first but the rest of his order was the same.   I was so bummed that my favorite of the four came in last!!!  I guess I only like the UFO for it's Jack-o-Lantern label :(  S was really bummed that Octoberfest was so blah...we thought we really loved it.
The winner had a delicious pumpkin spice smell, had a delicious initial taste and the only issue was a bit of a bitter after taste.  Over all though it was delicious, Good Job Otter Creek in VT!  Massachusetts your two beers finished last and I am very disappointed ;)  Colorado you did very well with your Harvest Moon. 
My Winner!!
This was super fun way to spend the afternoon (or at least 30 minutes of it) and we plan to do it again with winter brews.  What were the kids doing??  Well watching Curious George of course ;)


Connie said...

I love doing beer tastings at home!!

I'm going to go find these this weekend!

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