Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Baby Steps

After two very lengthy budget meetings with my dear husband (where we actually laughed, smiled, sipped wine had a "good" time) we have finally made a plan.  A plan to become debt free and then save up 6 months of expenses (with my husband's volatile job...6 months is a must).  We have read Dave's book, planned out our goals and have even taken a few of our first baby steps.  

 Dave Ramsey often relates the process of getting financially fit to that of losing weight.  He says you can solve 90% of your problems by looking in the mirror and admitting that you have a problem, that you are financially fat.  Once you have done this, it is important to get everything down on paper and see where it is you stand.  This can be quite scary but it is even scarier if you live your life without knowing.  Budget meetings for S and I use to end in tears, excuses and with me a frantic mess.  This time around I feel empowered, I know where we stand, I know what we have to do and though it is going to take time to get through the steps of the Total Money Makeover (at least 2 years to get to the end of step 3), we feel so much freedom now that we have a plan in place. 
My letter to friends and family was meant to share our situation but in doing so, we have inspired my good friend R.  She went to the library to check out the book, the librarian there told her that the book had changed her life (even more validation to start this program) and went home and told her husband that they were going to do this together.   That is the most important part...doing it together.  Dave stresses that communication be open and that you work together as a team.
So I am happy to say that baby step one is complete, we have already paid off my college loan (there wasn't much left) and we are working at snowballing the rest of our debts.  We have also set up an appointment with a lawyer to finally do our will/trust and are working on accounting for every dollar spent.  It does take time, it is not easy but in the end it will make us stronger and better people.


Connie Weiss said...

Is there anyway that you can give me the cliff notes of this? I really don't want to read that book. LOL!

Congratulations on your plan!!

Mom said...

One step at a time! Proud of you both.

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