Monday, January 16, 2012

Time to Celebrate!!!

The SINK is FIXED!!!!  

It took 298 days but it is fixed!!!!  

And it was a group effort, I got fed up and took my sisters advice and poured some draino down the sink (not very environmentally friendly but desperate times call for desperate measures). Then S did not want me to take lone credit on my blog for this feat so he took the sink apart yesterday and cleaned it out!!!

It works, no more hand sanitizer in the middle of the night when I pee!  I can brush my teeth in my own bathroom now.



Anonymous said...

Did you ever try the vinegar and baking soda treatment along with a toilet plunger wrapped in a small plastic shopping bag?
We tackled Aunty Lilly's kitchen plugged up sink in that manner with success.
Easier on the septic system.
Bravo once again. Now go wash off your phalanges with a smile. :)

Connie Weiss said...

I've been praying for this day!


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