Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'd Like to Thank My Children....

I woke up, rolled over in bed and checked the bedside clock to see what dreadful hour it was.  I read 6:04 and at first this time did not register.  I was terribly confused, where was I? What day was it?   Could it really be 6:04 AM?  The last time I had looked at the clock it read 10:44pm, did I really sleep for 7 hours straight????

I DID and it felt great.  Most nights I am woken up at least 2 times, usually 3-5 times.  Between my husband crawling into bed, my own full bladder, Z waking up to tell me he is wet or the 2-3 wake ups per night from Lil'C.  I am in a season of my life where there is NO SLEEP....I have tried everything but nothing seems to matter.  We have humidifiers in every room, cut off liquid at 6pm, have sound machines going, have played with Lil' Cs naps and have let her cry bloody murder for over an hour (many times) where she has then woken Z up and we all suffer.

On the rare moments where nobody wakes up, I usually wake up in anticipation.  This night of seven hours straight was a rarity and it felt so good.  It is amazing how well your body can "adjust" to no sleep but I do need it.  I am hoping to make this my goal for February...go to bed earlier so that I can get in as much sleep as I can.


Connie said...


Nothing messes me up more than being woken up by one of the kids during the night.

Mom said...

Good luck...You didn't let me sleep for a loooong time!

Annie said...

Oh yes, is amazing when we have the chance to sleep well. Hope you more nights of good sleep.

PS: Your mom's comment made me laugh!!

MamaB said...

How sweet it is!! Why is it when they wake up it is always mommy?? So glad you got some sleep! Here's to many many more!! Consistently!

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