Monday, January 9, 2012

Dear Family and Friends....We're Going on a Diet!

Dear Family and Friends,

I am writing this letter to let you know that the Raising Z and Lil 'C family is going on a diet.  Yes the entire family will be dieting and working to be a healthier family.  Now before you get your shorts in a bunch and think, "children on a diet??" (yes they are joining us too), this diet is not centered around food but rather finances.  We are tightening up our finances and following the advice of Dave Ramsey and participating in a Total Money Makeover

This book was taken out from the library...don't worry no resolutions have been broken yet!!
The reason I am writing this letter is to ask for your support on this journey. So often when people decide to do something for their health (emotional, physical, financial, spiritual) they are met with so much opposition and negativity.  "Why would you want to do that?" "That will never work?"  "You make good money...what's the problem?"  "You aren't fat."  "That exercise program is too extreme."   I am guessing that these negative comments come out of fear of looking in the mirror and seeing that they too need to make a change.
Time to get in Financial Shape
 I remember when my friends La and J decided to enter into their own Beach Body Business.  They had transformed their own bodies using the programs and wanted to help others.  The negative comments were astounding and they had to work so hard to overcome them.  Now they are trying a vegan diet for their health and once again the negative comments are flying.  My aunt, also a vegan, said she would never speak badly of what other people put into their body so why does being a vegan open her up to comments and negativity from everyone she meets.  People need to mind their own business and support those they love in these endeavors to be healthier human beings.

That is why I am writing this letter, to ask for your support in this long endeavor we are about to embark on.  Please don't make negative comments, don't give pity where it is not due, don't judge....just support.  No we are not in a bad place financially (yet) but it is in times of good when you should make the changes you need to make so that when bad things happen (and they will happen) you are more prepared.
We can still have fun :)
The kids and I have $20 a week for entertainment/food out.  That means dunkin donuts, trips to play places, eating out, movies, museums, sports teams...etc.  Their music classes are paid for and we have memberships to the major museums but other than that we have $20 to spend.  So if you want us to join you on a fun adventure, please give us as much notice as possible so we can save for it.  Please don't get angry with us when we can't sign up for every activity under the sun...this is what we are doing right now to be healthier people.  There are many inexpensive options for play dates and we would love to join you at a museum anytime.   We love you all and hope that you will understand this decision to be more financially responsible.

Thanks for your support!!

J,S,Z andC


Connie Weiss said...

Good Luck!

We keep saying we're going to cut back....but we don't.

Mom said...

You have our support ~ Good luck!

Love, Neene and ChiChi

Annie said...

I love the way you express your ideas. Your honesty is amazing. Jess, I admire you.

Good luck and if you have some time please email some advices. Thanks.

~Carla~ said...

Good for you! I love Dave Ramsey, he's a smart man! :) We also live on a tighter budget, but it keeps us well fed, clothed, happy & healthy! Good luck!

Beth said...

I know this an old post but I was looking for an example on how to tell my loved ones without sounding preachy. Thank you for a good starting off point.

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