Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mama Mia!

My favorite kind of gift is that which includes an experience.  Research has been done that the average "thing" brings a person joy for an average of 9 months but the joy of an experience can make memories which can last a lifetime.  Even though you might not have the instant gratification when giving or receiving an experience gift, the waiting and anticipation can be half the fun.

For Christmas there were lots of "Experience Gifts" going around.  My mom gave Lil' C money towards her Kindermusik class, we gave my niece and nephew a year membership to the local Children's museum (we also gave Z and Lil' C a renewal), my sister got us a gift certificate to our favorite local restaurant and S gave me family passes to our local amusement park.

My dad loves to give his girls experience gifts.  Each year he usually surprises us with some super fun family outing.  We saw Lion King the musical in Boston one year, have been to a few Red Sox Games and this year we went to see Mama Mia!!!  Unfortunately my baby sister K couldn't go because she was traveling for work but our second mama J stepped right into take her place.  Dad treated us to dinner before at a very nice restaurant before the show and then we walked over to the theater.  I had never seen this show, not even the movie, so my expectations were not high.  I knew of the storyline and couldn't imagine a traveling production of this show could be that great.  But I was ready for a fun night at the theater with the people I love.

The show was OUTSTANDING.  I have since seen the movie and the show that I saw was far superior.  I laughed so hard, cried (being at the theater always makes me miss Kiki) and was HAVING THE TIME OF YOUR MY LIFE;).  It was so much fun and J and I were dancing out of the theater.  She said she wanted to sing and swing from the banisters (and even had her foot over ;)). What a great evening.

The next morning I pulled up the few ABBA songs I had and listened all morning long.  I danced around the house, sang at the top of my lungs and Lil' C found this hilarious.  The music drove Z NUTS but I told him that If I could live through a month and a half of the Chipmunks Christmas and that he could endure one morning of Waterloo ;)

Thanks Dad for a wonderful gift, it means so much that you are always so thoughtful and creative!  Love you.

Oh and Happy 1/2 Birthday Mama!  I love you :)


Annie said...

Hahaha, you are so funny.

So glad you had a great time and enjoyed the show.

Mom said...

I forgot our 1/2 birthday! Happy belated to you too.

Yes, your dad comes up with some good ones. This one was one of the best. Personally, I love the movie, so was concerned that the stage production wouldn't be able to do it justice. I was wrong! It was incredible!!!! I have found myself singing any one of a number of songs in my head for over a week now. Never know which one will pop up.

As you said, the best part of an experience is sharing it with those that you love. I was very sad that K couldn't be with us, but J was a good sub.

Thanks again, Pooh!

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